It’s easy to lose track of things in online and performance marketing. New technologies provide almost endless possibilities. Companies such as Google and Meta are constantly offering new products that help advertisers to reach their audience in an increasingly effective and targeted manner and to measure and evaluate conversions more and more reliably. Consent Mode, Enhanced Conversion, Custom Audiences… Those who miss the boat here not only run legal risks, but end up paying for it and their ad spend skyrockets.

Legislators are reacting to this progress and are constantly creating new legal frameworks. Case law is years behind. The requirements for legally compliant cookie consent are changing almost weekly. And in the end, companies are left with uncertainty.

We believe that legal leeway always means opportunities. Comprehensive legal advice in the field of online marketing therefore requires not only knowledge of the relevant regulations, but also an understanding of the various products and how they work. Through constant exchange with agencies and companies, we ensure that we can also develop economically sensible solutions in the area of online marketing.

Social media continues to be of great importance. We believe this is also the case here: Anyone providing legal advice in this area should not only know the laws, but also how TikTok works and why Instagram only plays reels.

We support our clients in matters relating to content production and marketing, but also in connection with paid ads and target group marketing.

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